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Moe Tsukamoto

2015年10月、コンデナスト・ジャパン『Vogue Japan』編集部に入社。3年半の勤務を経て、2019年よりフリーのエディターをする傍ら、『Moondog』を共同設立した。


Makiko Yoshida
東京生まれ、東京育ち。フランス系ミッションスクールにて16年間一貫教育を受ける。大学時代は英語英文学専攻の傍ら、ジェンダー学も副専攻。外資系広告代理店にてアカウントマネジメント、PRエージェンシーにてアタッシュ・ド・プレスのインターンを経験し、2011年4月慶應義塾大学大学院メディアデザイン研究科へ入学。テクノロジーを利用した共有価値の創造(Creating Shared Value)について研究し、修士号を取得した。

大学院在学中より、コンデナスト・ジャパン『Vogue Japan』編集部に入社。6年間の勤務を経て、2018年に家族とともに渡独。フリーランスエディターとして活動する傍ら、『Moondog』を共同設立した。

お問い合わせ: contact@moondog.tokyo

Moe Tsukamoto
Moe was born and grew up in the lush countryside above Kyoto. She left the country to pursue her studies in fine arts and fashion design in Bangalore, India. After three years there, she came to Geneva, Switzerland where she studied fashion design at HEAD (Geneva). After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) she worked for several years as a fashion stylist for magazines and publishing companies with headquarters in Paris and Zurich.

She returned to Japan in 2015 to join the editorial team at VOGUE JAPAN (Tokyo). There she worked as a digital editor until March 2019. She came back to Switzerland and co-founded “Moondog” with Makiko in June 2019.

Makiko Yoshida
Makiko was born and raised in Tokyo. She studied at a French-based mission school and received a Liberal Arts degree with her major in Gender studies. She had intern experience with J. Walter Thompson and at a luxury fashion PR agency and received a master’s degree from Keio University Graduate School of Media Design. She also received a certificate from the Fashion Development Program at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

While studying at the university, she joined the editorial team and worked for 6 years at Vogue Japan. She left Japan and went to Germany with her family. While working as a freelance editor, she co-founded “Moondog” with Moe in June 2019.

Contact: contact@moondog.tokyo